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Handling High Blood Pressure and Anxiety

Posted in Uncategorized, Health & Fitness on May 25th, 2007

There is a link between high blood pressure and anxiety. When we feel anxious one of our body’s natural responses is to raise blood pressure. While this temporary spike in blood pressure is normal and usually not dangerous, anxiety can become a problem if it affects our lifestyle choices or is persistent.

For instance, when people are anxious they tend to resort to unhealthy habits such as overeating, indulging in alcohol, and smoking, all of which can dramatically increase a person’s high blood pressure risk.

In addition, recurrent and frequent temporary episodes of high blood pressure and anxiety can eventually lead to the same damaging results to the blood vessels, kidneys and heart, typically caused by prolonged hypertension.

Therefore, since there are many other high blood pressure risk factors, there is no reason why you should add anxiety to the list. The following are 5 tips you can put into practice to help relieve your high blood pressure and anxiety.

1. Focus your attention on one project at a time – Instead of trying to multitask, focus all your attention on completing one task at a time. When your mind is fully absorbed on one task, you put all your mental and emotional efforts into the job at hand, which stops your mind from wondering and becoming overwhelmed with other thoughts, priorities and demands. The more overwhelmed a person feels, the less productive they are, and the more their anxiety grows.

2. Learn to say “No” – If you go out of your way to try and please everyone, you’ll stretch yourself too thin and be living in a constant state of high blood pressure and anxiety. Over-committing yourself stretches you beyond your physical and emotional limits, causing you to become fatigued, stressed, overworked and rundown – all factors that lead to anxiety. You need to learn to say “No” to others who are asking more of your time than you can handle or are willing to give.

3. Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake – Both alcohol and caffeine can worsen anxiety. Therefore, when you are feeling anxious, refrain from ingesting caffeinated products including chocolate, coffee, tea, and soda. In regards to high blood pressure and anxiety and alcohol, one may think that since consuming alcohol reduces feelings of anxiety, this would be an ideal method. The truth is, while alcohol may suppress feelings of anxiety, it increases the risk of high blood pressure and depression. Thus, it is imperative to your health that you never use alcohol as a remedy for relieving anxiety as this can become a bad and deadly habit.

4. Breathe Deep – Deep breathing exercises are an excellent way to focus the mind and calm anxiety episodes. Here is one type of deep breathing exercise you can try:

 Take a deep breath by inhaling through your nose and slowly count to four while you inhale.
 Hold your breath for a count of three
 Exhale slowly through your mouth and count down from four while you exhale.
 Repeat four times

5. Engage in regular exercise - Exercise is an excellent stress reliever. It helps to clear your mind and improve your mental outlook on life. Exercise helps improve your sleep and increases your physical stamina. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins; chemicals that make your body feel good. Studies have found that people who engage in long term exercise programs (I.E. 30 minutes of daily exercise) increase their ability to cope with stress.

Moreover, don’t forget that exercise also helps maintain healthy weight levels, as being overweight increases a person’s risk of hypertension. However, you should first speak to your doctor before engaging in any exercise regimen.
Should you have difficulty controlling your anxiety on your own, you may want to speak with your doctor about seeking help from a qualified therapist, because the bottom line is you need to get your high blood pressure and anxiety under control.

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Considering Taking Saw Palmetto for High Blood Pressure?

Posted in Health & Fitness on May 18th, 2007

Even though certain herbs such as St. John’s Wort may not be ideal for treating hypertension, some herbs such as saw palmetto for high blood pressure may be an option for those interested in using a more natural remedy to treat their condition.

What is saw palmetto and how can it lower blood pressure? Saw palmetto (botanical name: Serenoa Repens) is a small ever-green palm plant that is found in America. The berries of the plant contain the active ingredients used for herbal medicine. Although it is recommended and primarily used for its effectiveness in treating an enlarged prostrate in men caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), saw palmetto for high blood pressure treatment isn’t completely uncommon.

Reasons why this herb is used to treat high blood pressure, in some cases, is because it is a diuretic herb that contains active anti-androgen properties that help reduce water retention and control high blood pressure. Diuretic herbs have a direct effect on the body’s cells and tissues. They increase blood flow to the kidneys, which in turn increase urination, allowing excess salt and toxins to be flushed out of the kidneys, which helps to lower overall blood pressure.

Keep in mind, however, like water pills (prescribed diuretic medications), saw palmetto and other blood pressure reducing diuretic herbs, such as ginger, are generally used to treat mild cases of high blood pressure, and are used in combination with dietary changes, exercise, and possibly with other high blood pressure medications to control hypertension.

Although you will need to adopt other lifestyle changes to help reduce your blood pressure when taking saw palmetto for high blood pressure, you should know that some studies have found this herb to interact with certain antihypertensive drugs, such as terazosin, which are used to treat high blood pressure.

In addition, due to its potential hormonal active ingredients, saw palmetto may also alter the effects of hormone replacement therapy and hormonal birth control. Therefore, while saw palmetto may not interfere with all drugs, you should speak with your doctor to ensure this is a safe and effective treatment option for you.

Saw palmetto is taken orally and is available in tablet, capsule, tea and natural berry form. You can find this herb at your local health store. Both men and women may take this herb, although, due to the fact that it has the potential to affect hormones, pregnant women should not take this drug. Saw palmetto should only be taken as directed by the package, or as recommended by a qualified herbalist or health care provider.

You should also be aware that while saw palmetto for high blood pressure is a possible treatment, in very rare cases some side effects of increased blood pressure have been reported by patients taking this herb. Other rare side effects include headaches, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, decreased libido, impotence and urinary retention. Therefore, always make sure you speak to your health care provider before using any herb or other form of treatment for your high blood pressure.

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Looking For An Online Autism Bookstore?

Posted in Health & Fitness on May 12th, 2007

When faced with autism, many families are overwhelmed, and perhaps even stunned. Once the shock of this diagnosis wears off, there is usually an instant need to find out all there is to know about the condition, and what can be done to help the child in question. This is when parents and teachers need to find a good autism bookstore online. Here are five great places to look for books on many angles of autism, and well as other tools that many find to be helpful.

Perhaps one of the biggest sources for books online is www.amazon.com. Upon entering the site, putting the term ‘autism’ in the search will bring up some amazing resources. There are books for parents, siblings, teachers, and other caregivers. There are books on specific tasks like how to potty train a child with autism, and books on socialization and play time ideas. They also have DVDs and toys for children with this condition.

Another great source is http://www.specialneeds.com/. This site has information and books available about all types of disabilities. The list of books about autism is very diverse and very large. It would be hard not to find what you need there. They also have DVDs, CDs, and some software. When browsing this site, it is important to remember that some are marked as available and some are not. This might be a little frustrating, but the list of books is very valuable, and if they don’t have it there, you have a title to search somewhere else.

There are many very imaginative products available on the web site http://www.difflearn.com/. There are great tools like flashcards with facial expressions and other games that help with communication, socialization, and other behaviors. They also have a selection of puzzles and computer programs that can be used, as well as a wide assortment of books on autism.

The site http://www.futurehorizons-autism.com/ has another great selection of books from which to choose, covering a wide array of things that parents may have not even considered before they browse the site. There are books about socialization, early intervention, diet, behavior modification, books geared towards the autistic child, and the family and friends as well. They have DVDs and toys too.

One site that should be on anyone’s list is the Autism Asperger’s Publishing Company. They can be found at http://www.asperger.net/. Here you will again find a huge variety of books from which to choose. They also have information about conferences that they hold on the subject matter.

When shopping for books, it is important to remember that there is new information all the time and some of the material might be out-dated. That does not mean it will not be helpful, but it might not be the up to date information that is needed.

Keep reading to find out how you can stay keep up to date on all the latest autism theories and treatment options by signing up for our free autism newsletter below.
Each autism bookstore has its own collection of books so it’s worth browsing around. Each child has different needs and a different level of function, so what works for one family may not be of any interest to another.

Grab your free copy of Rachel Evans’ brand new Autism Newsletter - Overflowing with easy to implement methods to help you and your family find out about autism strategies and for information on autism group support please visit The Essential Guide To Autism.

A Quick Guide to Making the Most of Your Maui Vacation

Posted in Maui Vacation on May 4th, 2007

Maui is one of the world’s most famous vacation spots because of its beautiful beaches and landscapes. To make the most of your Maui vacation, plan ahead to enjoy some of the many unique attractions the island has to offer.

Try something out of the ordinary – how about a spelunking expedition in a lava tube, followed by a picnic in the Hala region? Several touring agencies in Maui use Limo-Vans, and limit tours to between six and eight people. Expert state guides lead the tours, with a variety of tours available, so there’s something for everyone.

This also may sound inviting, try the Maui helicopter tour and have the opportunity and the advantage of viewing the beautiful Garden Island from the air, these helicopter touring agencies offer a variety of tours that cover all the major points in the island of Maui. They can even let you have a quick look of neighboring Molokai if you want.

Boat charters offer great adventures that you can experience in Maui like snorkeling, fishing, and whale watching. One of the destinations preferred by tourists is the Molokini, and the charmingly named Turtle Town. Both of these spots offer some of the world’s best snorkeling. Charter boats can also transport you to the waters where the humpback whales swim.

Perhaps you’d like an exciting ride down Mt. Haleakala, a dormant volcano. The route for this adventure is entirely up to you, from 10 to 38 miles long down the mountainside. Professional guides escort you, of course, and the tour company will provide you with the equipment you’ll need, including a mountain bike, safety helmet, windbreakers and gloves. And since the ride starts above 10,000 feet, you’ll need cold-weather gear, because even paradise on earth can get cold.

Touring Mt. Haleakala via horseback riding is another adventure offered. Your tour guides will tall you all about Haleakala’s history and geological makeup, and about the flora and fauna native to Maui. The Kapalaoa Cabin Ride and the Ka Moa O Pele Junction Ride take you miles into the wilderness, providing you with unique experiences all day long.

Or perhaps you’d like to experience Maui’s underwater world firsthand. Aboard a 65-foot, fully air-conditioned submarine, you can descend 125 feet to see fascinating exotic fish and other marine life. The sub’s crew will explain how the ocean is so much a part of Maui’s rich culture.

There are even more exciting adventures that can help you make the most of your Maui vacation. This is just a taste of what’s to come.

Where To Find Cheap Diamond Rings

Posted in Cheap Diamond Rings on May 4th, 2007

The Beatles once sang that “money can’t buy me love”. And while the boys may have been right in that regard, the almighty dollar can certainly buy most anything else. Diamond rings are just one of the many luxuries that can be afforded by people with money to burn, and many times these rings can cost thousands of dollars. But what if you are just a hard working average Joe who would like to show his sweetheart that she is appreciated? Not all of us have swelling bank accounts, but thankfully there are places out there where you can buy wonderful cheap diamond rings. And when we say cheap we’re referring to price alone, as these rings are just as beautiful as their higher priced counterparts. In this article, we’ll show you where to find cheap diamond rings that look anything but.

The first place to find cheap diamond rings is at your local mall. The jewelry stores inside most malls are able to offer diamond rings at a discount for a couple of different reasons. First, these chain stores are always able to stay in profit because they experience heavier traffic than a stand alone store. In addition, they have stores all across the country, as opposed to Mom & Pop jewelry stores that are in one city or state. The diamond rings at these stores look almost identical to the more expensive rings. Only a gemologist would truly be able to tell them apart.

Another great place to find cheap diamond rings is at huge retail stores such as Wal-Mart or J.C. Penney’s. These stores have a wide selection of cheap diamond rings at amazing prices. Now, keep in mind that many of these rings will be much smaller than a more expensive ring, but the diamond quality is very similar. You should definitely have some luck in these types of stores.

If you still haven’t found the right cheap diamond ring, why not try a pawn shop? Many times pawn shops will have amazing diamond rings that they are more than willing to sell for a reduced cost. A lot of these rings look great, and the only reason they ended up available was because a person no longer wanted it. In instances like this, their loss can definitely be your gain.

One last suggestion on where to find cheap diamond rings is through the internet. The internet has many great web sites that sell diamond rings at an amazing discount. As long as you use common sense (make sure the business is reputable, has an appraisal service, etc.), you may be able to find a great ring through these online merchants. In addition, auction sites such as ebay regularly offer cheap diamond rings that can be had for virtually nothing. Get in the habit of checking out these sites to see if anything catches your eye.

As you can see, there are plenty of places where you can find cheap diamond rings. Now that you have a few ideas, why not get out there and try to find the woman in your life a little something special? After all, you know she deserves it.

How to Get Hold of Detroit Pistons Tickets

Posted in Detroit Pistons on May 4th, 2007

Watching a National Basketball Association (NBA) game is an exhilarating experience, especially if you’re watching it live and especially if you’re watching one of your favorite teams, like the Detroit Pistons, play. You can witness intense hard court action right in front of you. But how can you get a hold of a ticket to a Detroit Pistons game?

A ticket to a Detroit Pistons game, as for any NBA game, is sold through many ways. There are several options for a Pistons fan. First of all, you need to know the game schedule so that you can then choose which game or games you want to attend. Do you want to go to a game located nearby or are you more concerned about who the Pistons will be playing? Then of course you’ll want to think about what section, row, and seat you prefer to sit in. You can purchase Premium Seats if you don’t mind spending a little extra money and want to get close to the action. Here, you can have your picture taken with your favorite player or even get a signed autograph.

There are also ticket packages. The Season Plan grants you access to every Detroit Pistons game of the season, while the Half Season Plan grants you tickets to attend less games – you can choose to attend 5 or 10 games in this case. There are also ticket packages for Preseason, Regular Season, Playoffs, and Finals. Then of course there are special discounted tickets for large groups.

You can purchase single tickets or subscribe to an aforementioned plan through direct sellers or retailers – and it is common for people to buy tickets via the Internet. Some websites even offer images of the stadium so a basketball fan can handpick the most ideal seats.

It is easy to purchase tickets online and some websites and dealers even offer memberships on top of normal ticketing services, which allow you to take advantage of special discounts and giveaways, especially during the holiday season. Another benefit of buying tickets through a website, is information regarding events, venues, dates, and times are easy to retrieve as well.

Be cautious though. You might inadvertently buy counterfeit tickets. The team’s official website will instruct you on how to determine the difference between authentic and fake tickets.

After you’ve purchased your tickets, the next step is to enjoy the game!

Top 5 Factoring Companies

Posted in Factoring Companies on May 4th, 2007

Because factoring is such an obscure function of small business, despite its popularity within the business world, it can be difficult to find the right factoring company to help you out. Getting the right bid, the right terms, and having the cash flow through your business seamlessly is a big deal if you want to concentrate on the big picture. As you probably know, the internet is a wealth of information for small business owners. With that in mind, consider the top 5 factoring companies you can find online.

The first of the top 5 factoring companies you can find online is a site called FactorBids.com. This site is good in that it allows you to submit an application that will result in about a dozen factors bidding on your application. You will get a response in about 3 business days. The site is very professional looking and is very user friendly. Like many other sites that allow financial institutes to bid on business, everything is negotiable with this. A factor can change its bid or even cancel the deal completely, but then again so can you with this site.

The second of the top 5 factoring companies online is getfactored.com. At this fast and user friendly website you will be able to get quotes from up to four factors with just one application. That saves you time, which is a hot commodity for small business owners. This site also has a sister site, FreightCash.com, that specializes in factoring for trucking business, so that is something to keep in mind as well.

In the top 5 factoring companies, the third site to consider is Factors.com. Despite having sponsors on the site, it does offer you a great deal of information. The site is essentially a directory of companies by the industry they serve. You simply find your industry and will then have access to a number of factoring companies that specialize in businesses with needs just like yours.

Fourth is cfa.com, the site for the commercial finance associate. As factoring companies go, this one will help you narrow your choices down to factors who are CFA members. That means they are reputable and safe for you and your business. The site is a little cumbersome, but the information is good and you will be able to find a factor that can help you quickly.

Fifth on the top 5 factoring companies is another information site that will lead you to reputable factors. Factoring.org is the home of the international factoring association (IFA). The site is great if you are informed about factoring, but there is not a lot of information for beginners. Since IFA members are bound by a code of ethics, you know the lenders on the site are going to be easy to work with.

Finding a factoring company can be hard. However, these five factoring companies will help you find the right factor to help with the financial side of your business. Each is worth your time and with just a few minutes of research you will find which of these top 5 factoring companies on the internet can help you find the right factor for you..

Choosing the Best Unique Valentine Gift for Your Man

Posted in Valentine Gift on May 4th, 2007

Valentine’s Day has long been recognized as one of the most romantic days of the year. It is a day where many men shower their women with any number of gifts, including candy, dinner, and flowers. And while most ladies traditionally soak up this holiday, they also do not want to leave their man feeling shortchanged. So, what kinds of gifts can a woman get for her sweetheart on this special day? In this article, we’ll give you some easy tips for choosing the best unique valentine gift for your man.

For starters, you should take the time to choose a card that best suits your particular relationship. For example, if the two of you have a very deep relationship, choose a sentimental card that expresses how you feel. On the other hand, if you share more of a light-hearted goofy relationship, a comedic card will probably do the trick. Regardless of the card you choose, you should definitely try to write some of your own thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t have to be much – just enough to let him know how much he means to you.

With the preliminary work out of the way, you can now focus on the actual gift. The important thing to remember is that most guys tend to prefer valentine gifts that they might receive at any other time of the year. So, it is probably in your best interest to stick to his interests when choosing a gift for this occasion. What does that mean? Simply put, you should be picking a gift based on the things he is truly passionate about – you know, the things he loves almost as much as you.

Let’s talk about some specifics here. It is no secret that most guys love food and/or drink. So, say he is a real bbq kind of guy. You could order him one of several meat packages available on web sites such as Omaha Steaks or Stockyards. These packages make wonderfully unique ideas, and your man will absolutely love them. What if he is a wine connoisseur or a beer lover? You can also order samplers of many amazing brands on a wide variety of sites. These companies will send your man different wines or beers on a monthly basis, or as a one time deal. If your man loves his spirits, he will be crazy about this gift.

If your man isn’t really into food and drink, there are many other great ideas which you can consider. For instance, if he obsesses over his car, you could get him a certificate to have his car detailed or painted. If he is a huge sports nut, you can get him a sports package so that he will be able to watch any game across the country. If he loves to read a certain style of writing, you can enroll him in a club that will send select titles to him on a set basis. The options truly are limitless!

Hopefully, these ideas will make choosing the best unique valentine gift for your man a breeze. By keeping his hobbies and passions in mind, you can surprise your man this Valentine’s Day with an amazingly original gift. Good luck!

Five Strategies For Coping With Autism and Anxiety On Socialization

Posted in Health & Fitness on May 4th, 2007

Though no parent wants to hear that their child has any of the five types of autism, it can be somewhat of a relief to put a name to what is going on. The best thing about a diagnosis is that the child can get treatments that are meant to help with both communication and socialization. These are both problems for those who have this condition, but with help, they can be overcome. There are some things that parents can do to help, and it begins with finding out how to cope with autism and anxiety on socialization. Early intervention often means good results can be expected for some children.

Before therapies can be started, a thorough examination must be done. The child should be evaluated in all areas they are struggling with due to autism to see what areas need the most immediate help, and what might not need to be addressed at all. Usually one or two behaviors will be singled out as the most pressing, and those are the ones that parents need to concentrate on first. These therapies should always be done with positive reinforcement, and with endless amounts of patience.

1. Speech Therapy: Though there are some children with autism that speak rather well, they can still have communication problems in one form or another. They may have a large vocabulary, but they don’t know how to use it. Some children with autism are very bad at forming relationships because of speech-related communication problems. Speech therapy can help them learn to communicate their feelings and thoughts in a more mainstream fashion.

2. Desensitization to New Environments: Therapy focused on this area is done when a child always acts out with screaming tantrums away from home. It can be used for tantrums in any situation. The idea behind is to take the child to an area that they struggle with, and when the tantrum ensues, they are removed and they go home. The next time they visit the spot, they only go in for a short amount of time, usually less than a minute. The time is slowly upped in duration and when paired with positive feedback and rewards, this form of desensitization can be a very useful tool. This can help a child cope with new places such as entering a classroom setting.

3. Self-Awareness: These skills will help children learn to relate to themselves and that in turn helps them relate with others. When they can learn to manage their emotions, they can learn more about the same emotions in others. That helps them in understanding what the other person may be saying or feeling, and once that is accomplished, communications are better managed.

4. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This therapy also helps a child understand and manage their emotions, and can go a long way towards helping them express themselves rather than having no other way to express emotion except through a tantrum. It can help them relax in certain situations that are normally anxious, and can also help with obsessive behaviors of all types.

5. Medication: Some parents will refuse to put their children on medications to help anxiety during socialization, but there are times when it can greatly benefit the child so it is worth being open minded about this option.

Some children with autism can suffer from deep bouts of depression or may have ADHD. So, medication is something that can be discussed at length with your child’s physician or you may wish to investigate alternative forms of treatment, such as natural supplements or complimentary therapies to reduce autism and anxiety on socialization.

Grab your free copy of Rachel Evans’ brand new Autism Newsletter - Overflowing with easy to implement methods to help you and your family find out about autism characteristics and for information on autism checklist please visit The Essential Guide To Autism.

Advantages You Can Get in Buying a Comforter Set

Posted in Comforter Set on May 3rd, 2007

Are you contemplating a new look for your bedroom? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the thousands of design options available? If so, a comforter set may be just the answer you have been searching for. A comforter set can help give you the perfect starting point to uncover your bedroom’s true potential. In this article, we’ll show you some of the advantages you can get in buying a comforter set.

The first, and most important advantage, is price. By choosing to buy a comforter set, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars. How is it possible? Well, a comforter set comes packaged with all the necessary pieces needed to give your bed an amazing new look. A standard comforter set will come with a comforter, sheets, bedskirt, two pillow cases, and two pillow shams (which add a touch of style to your pillows). If you were to buy all of these items separately, it would surely be expensive. However, when buying everything together, you are able to save quite a bit of money with a comforter set.

Another advantage you can get in buying a comforter set is a professionally coordinated look. Let’s face it, not all of us are blessed with having the proper eye needed for decorating. By buying a comforter set, you can be sure to get the perfect look for your bedroom, as everything is matched for you. All of the items in a comforter set are designed to help you achieve a wonderful new appearance in your bedroom; one that is sure to appeal to your whole family!

Comforter sets are also available in most popular discount and retail stores. This gives you a wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns to consider when looking for just the right look in your home. For those of you who might want to expand your search, comforter sets are also sold regularly at many online shops as well as auction sites. By expanding your search options, you may be able to find that unique design you’ve been searching for at a great price.

One last advantage you can get in buying a comforter set is that they are very simple to clean and maintain. While many comforters that are bought separately require special attention, comforter sets can usually be cared for by washing in a standard machine. They can then be dried out on a line, giving the comforter set a fresh smell with minimal effort.

As you can see, there are several advantages you can get in buying a comforter set. Whether you are looking for a change of scenery in your bedroom at an amazing price, or a unique design without a lot of hassle, comforter sets represent an excellent option. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and treat yourself to a stylish comforter set all your own! When you see the results, you are sure to wonder why you never considered a comforter set before.