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Acid Reflux Weight Loss Part 5 Maintaining Weight Loss for Long Term Heartburn Acid Reflux Relief

Heartburn acid reflux symptoms aren’t the only reason to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight, but they can be an important motivator.  As you develop new habits and maintain the weight loss, you’ll find that the exercises you include as part of your lifestyle for improving your acid reflux symptoms leave you feeling energized and positive.

Exercising releases endorphins in the body, which are hormones that lift your mood and give you an emotional boost.  But that’s not all, endorphins aid digestion and reduce the sensation of pain (they act like a natural pain killer), meaning that exercise can directly effect the reduction of acid reflux symptoms. 

However, it’s important to note that not every exercise is suitable for acid reflux sufferers. When deciding on which exercises to introduce it’s wise to choose low impact exercises to avoid stimulating reflux.  The timing of when you carry out your exercises is also important, as strenuous activity too soon after eating can encourage reflux. 

The most appropriate exercises are those that allow your body to remain upright, as opposed to reclined.  For example, avoid weight lifting exercises that require you to lie on your back as this creates an increased risk of acid reflux as opposed to bicep curls performed either sitting or standing.

If you enjoy cycling but find leaning over the handlebars and rough terrain bring on acid reflux, try the stationary bikes in the gym or get one for at home. Alternatively, stick to the streets and avoid the off road courses. The same theory applies for any sort of exercise that includes a lot of up and down movement, including running. 

Before exercising start getting into the habit of having a light meal beforehand and wait at least an hour before getting started.  Choose foods that are low in fats and proteins, sticking instead to mainly carbohydrate based meals as this can help avoid discomfort as you work out.

Don’t forget to stay well hydrated during exercise. This is especially important for acid reflux sufferers. Sufficient levels of hydration helps to neutralize acids in the stomach as you exercise and will keep the esophagus washed clean should you experience a small amount of reflux. If you want something a little different on occasion, try watering down non-carbonated sports drinks to add a bit of flavor to your hydration.

Speak to your doctor to help choose the right exercises and timing for you.  You will likely receive recommendations for toning, stretching, aerobics, and rest.  Take each of these elements seriously and follow the suggested activities carefully.  Keep in mind that everybody has their own reaction to different foods and activities, so what may work for someone else may not work for you. 

With that in mind, don’t let acid reflux keep you from exercising.  Always remind yourself of the importance of exercise to keeping your weight down, your body healthy, and your GERD symptoms under control.  Should you be unsuccessful with one kind of exercise be prepared to try another until you find ones you are happy with and get you the results you are after.

If you can’t seem to find an exercise that will agree with you yet, you may wish to speak to your doctor about taking over-the-counter antacids before you exercise, to avoid the risk of exercise-induced acid reflux symptoms. This may be the help you need to get your weight down to a point where you don’t need antacids anymore when increasing your activity level.

The more you maintain a healthy weight, exercise level and acid reflux friendly diet, the more you should find your heartburn, acid reflux and GERD symptoms decrease.

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