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Top 5 Factoring Companies

Posted in Factoring Companies on May 4th, 2007

Because factoring is such an obscure function of small business, despite its popularity within the business world, it can be difficult to find the right factoring company to help you out. Getting the right bid, the right terms, and having the cash flow through your business seamlessly is a big deal if you want to concentrate on the big picture. As you probably know, the internet is a wealth of information for small business owners. With that in mind, consider the top 5 factoring companies you can find online.

The first of the top 5 factoring companies you can find online is a site called FactorBids.com. This site is good in that it allows you to submit an application that will result in about a dozen factors bidding on your application. You will get a response in about 3 business days. The site is very professional looking and is very user friendly. Like many other sites that allow financial institutes to bid on business, everything is negotiable with this. A factor can change its bid or even cancel the deal completely, but then again so can you with this site.

The second of the top 5 factoring companies online is getfactored.com. At this fast and user friendly website you will be able to get quotes from up to four factors with just one application. That saves you time, which is a hot commodity for small business owners. This site also has a sister site, FreightCash.com, that specializes in factoring for trucking business, so that is something to keep in mind as well.

In the top 5 factoring companies, the third site to consider is Factors.com. Despite having sponsors on the site, it does offer you a great deal of information. The site is essentially a directory of companies by the industry they serve. You simply find your industry and will then have access to a number of factoring companies that specialize in businesses with needs just like yours.

Fourth is cfa.com, the site for the commercial finance associate. As factoring companies go, this one will help you narrow your choices down to factors who are CFA members. That means they are reputable and safe for you and your business. The site is a little cumbersome, but the information is good and you will be able to find a factor that can help you quickly.

Fifth on the top 5 factoring companies is another information site that will lead you to reputable factors. Factoring.org is the home of the international factoring association (IFA). The site is great if you are informed about factoring, but there is not a lot of information for beginners. Since IFA members are bound by a code of ethics, you know the lenders on the site are going to be easy to work with.

Finding a factoring company can be hard. However, these five factoring companies will help you find the right factor to help with the financial side of your business. Each is worth your time and with just a few minutes of research you will find which of these top 5 factoring companies on the internet can help you find the right factor for you..